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4 Reasons to Outsource This Year's Annual Report

If you work at a publicly traded company, you know all about the world of annual reports. Writing them is time consuming, difficult, and quite often, overwhelming. Even if you work at a non-profit, where annual reports aren't legally required, you've probably had a taste of this daunting task. Because annual reports are a great asset for any organization, many choose to produce them, despite the lack of legal pressure. They are a great way to increase an organization's visibility and donor base--two crucial opportunities for any non-profit.

But regardless of whether you work at Goldman Sachs or Planned Parenthood, writing your annual report in-house can be costly. In many cases, outsourcing this task to a freelancer is far more profitable. Why? Here are four good reasons.



1) Writing an annual report takes time. A lot of time. If you're producing yours in-house, that means you're diverting employee hours away from what they're best at doing--their jobs. When workers are bogged down with the task of writing an annual report, they have less time to perform client service or support functions, and that doesn't bode well for your bottom line. When you hire a freelancer to write your annual report, you're freeing up your employees to do what's most important--keep your business running smoothly. And that's the kind of investment that pays for itself.



2) Annual reports are not easy to put together. You'll need a writer who has the ability to synthesize massive amounts of information into a single document. Not to mention, they've got to do it with style. No annual report will win an award if it's dry, boring, poorly organized, or excessively wordy.

When there's so much information to include, though, these are all traps that are easy to fall into. And if you're producing your annual report in-house, it's quite likely that it will land in one or more of these pitfalls. An employee who's overwhelmed with the task of report writing, in addition to the daily responsibilities of her position, can easily get bogged down by the sheer volume of information she'll need to process and distill. And make no mistake--that's going to show up in her writing.

When you outsource your annual report to a quality freelance writer, you'll wind up with a finished product that's well organized, interesting, and concise. Why? Any freelance writer worth her salt is used to processing tons of information and distilling it down into a single document. That's a major part of the job. Why else? She's not bogged down with other details. Writing your annual report isn't interfering with a freelancer's ability to do her job. It is her job.



3) Everyone at a company wants to shine in the annual report. And they all deserve to--you've done a fantastic job this year! But how is an in-house employee supposed to negotiate these office politics in her writing? That's a tough question, and one she's likely to stress about. But if you hire a freelance writer, the issue of office politics solves itself. As an outsider with no personal stake in the company, a freelancer will produce a report that's far more accurate and free of bias than an in-house employee. Objectivity is an important piece in an annual report's puzzle--and freelance writers are best equipped to achieve it.



4) If you've ever tried to write an annual report, you might have asked yourself, "How can I make this boring data interesting?" It's true--sometimes the information that goes into an annual report is dryer than dust. But when you hire a good freelancer to write your annual report, it can be like a rainstorm in the desert. Professional writers are really professional story tellers, and they know how to turn your report into a compelling tale. Now that's the kind of report that wins awards.


So what are you waiting for? Hire a freelancer to write your annual report this year. You--and your employees--will be glad you did.