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3 Reasons To Implement a Direct Mail Campaign Today

When I work with small business owners, I often hear that direct mail marketing is a lost cause. "It's too expensive," Royce told me, the owner of a small investment advisory company in Central New Jersey. A one-man show, the cost of printing and postage was daunting to him. And besides, he had sent out a direct mail campaign five years ago, and it wasn't too successful. He'd been put off by the whole experience.

This isn't the first time I've heard such protests. Direct mail campaigns can seem overwhelming, old-fashioned, and over-priced. There are a number of hurdles to jump, and each of them has a set of old refrains, telling you to stay away.


First you have to create something to stuff those envelopes with--and what on Earth should that be? A letter? A postcard? Some graphics? How long should they be? Should they be printed in color, or black and white? Many business owners have no idea where to start.

And then, once you get past the trying task of content creation, you've got to pay for printing and postage. In the age of the Internet, electronic marketing, and email campaigns, many are deeming these costs outdated and unnecessary. Plus, won't most recipients just toss those envelopes into the recycling bin, unopened and unread?


These are all understandable concerns. But ultimately, the reality of direct mail marketing is very different. Here are 3 reasons why you should get over your fear of direct mail marketing, and get to work on implementing a campaign today.


1) Compared to other strategies, direct mail is a surprisingly cost-effective way to market your business. While the lump sums you'll pay for stamps and printing might seem daunting, you'll be spreading your marketing efforts out to a substantial number of people. That means you're actually spending very little per prospective client, and each prospect you convert will result in a handsome return on investment.


2) Direct mail marketing allows you to target a very specific group of people--ones who you think are likely to need your services--and that ultimately translates into more sales for your business. Create a list of people or businesses you've worked with before. From there, do a little research, and expand your list to include people or businesses who are in the same industry or demographic as your previous clients. Now, I'll bet you have a pretty substantial list of highly targeted prospects. When you send your direct mail campaign to the folks on this list, you aren't wasting postage stamps on random people who may or may not have any interest in your work. Rather, you're sending relevant information to people who value it, and they're quite likely to not only open your envelope--but also to pick up the phone and give you a sale.


3) Direct mail marketing is highly effective--and surprisingly so, for all the folks who throw impersonal envelopes away without a second thought. Depending on your industry, direct mail is often more effective than e-marketing, and that means it's a strategy you can't afford to dismiss. There are a few reasons for this--people delete emails quicker than they throw away envelopes, and physical mail creates a heightened emotional response to your product, just to name a couple. The bottom line? The Internet has not rendered direct mail campaigns obsolete. Not by a long shot.


But all this isn't to say that your direct mail campaign will be a guaranteed hit. Mailing to targeted prospects will get your recipients to open the envelope, but if the copy inside is weak, confusing, or poorly crafted, your hard work will still end up in the trash. That was where Royce from Central New Jersey went wrong. Investment advising is his business--not writing--and it showed. Had he hired a professional copywriter to handle his content creation, I'm sure his direct mail campaign would have been far more successful--and maybe today, he wouldn't be so reluctant to try the strategy again.

So what are you waiting for? There's nothing to be afraid of--only money to be made. Get started on your direct mail campaign today!